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Visiting a travel health clinic is essential for any traveller embarking on a trip, especially when travelling to areas with high-risk health conditions. Our travel and occupational health clinic in Victoria, BC, provides various services to ensure travellers are adequately prepared for their journeys. These services include providing vaccinations, TB test services, first aid supplies, assisting with healthful travel planning, and addressing all specific travel needs. An essential resource for travellers, we provide a comprehensive range of services for patients who are travelling internationally, as well as for employers, employee drug testing, occupational health services including medical and physical evaluations, TB testing and vaccines for keeping our patients safe at home and workplace.

We Offer

  • All travel and non-travel vaccines
  • Yellow fever vaccines
  • Preventative vaccine and self-treatment for traveller's diarrhea
  • Travel medicines for malaria and altitude sickness prevention
  • Travel supplies (e.g., bandages, gauze, antiseptic wound cleaner, saline nasal spray, etc.)
  • International certificate for proof of vaccinations
  • Employment drug testing
  • Occupational health services including medical and physical evaluations
  • Functional fitness testing
  • Tuberculosis (TB) test and vaccination
  • Employee health and vaccinations

Vaccines for visiting Mexico are very important
For visiting exotic islands we recommend vaccines
Africa is obligatory only after vaccination


To keep travellers safe, healthy, and comfortable, we provide the following travel services:

Pre-travel medical advice

Pre-travel medical advice is a service provided by travel clinics to help travellers prepare for their journey. It involves a consultation with one of our healthcare professionals who will assess the traveller's health status, destinations, and itinerary to provide personalized advice on how to stay healthy while travelling. This may include recommendations for vaccinations, medication, and precautions to avoid contracting illnesses such as malaria or dengue fever. Pre-travel medical advice can help travellers make informed decisions about their health and safety while travelling, ensuring a more enjoyable and stress-free trip.

Travel vaccinations

Travel vaccinations are vaccines given to travellers to protect them from contracting infectious diseases abroad. We provide injections specifically designed to provide immunity to diseases prevalent in some areas of the world. The purpose of travel vaccinations is to prevent the spread of diseases and to protect travellers from getting sick. Some standard travel vaccinations include hepatitis A and B, yellow fever, typhoid, and rabies. It is essential to receive vaccinations before travelling to ensure a safe and healthy journey.

Travel medicine

Travel medicine is a specialized field that focuses on the health needs of travellers. It involves preventing, diagnosing, and treating health issues that may arise during travel. Our team provides pre-travel medical advice, including recommendations for necessary vaccinations and medications, as well as advice on how to stay healthy while travelling. We also offer post-travel care, including diagnosing and treating illnesses acquired while travelling. The goal of travel medicine is to ensure that travellers stay healthy and safe while travelling, regardless of their destination or itinerary.


BC employers require healthcare workers & first responders to get employment drug testing and occupational health services including medical and physical evaluations, TB testing and vaccination, and other workplace vaccinations. WE CAN DO THAT FOR YOU!


If you need routine shots for illnesses like HPV, shingles, chicken pox or the flu THAT’S WHAT WE DO


Be smart when you travel! Know the risks before you go and prepare for them

Benefits of Travel and Employment Health Clinic Victoria Island, BC

The Vancouver Island Travel and Occupational Health Clinic is the go-to place for travellers who want to protect their health prior to take-off. Our highly trained and professional staff is composed of licensed healthcare professionals who have extensive experience in travel medicine. We are dedicated to providing personalized pre-travel medical advice, including recommendations for necessary vaccinations, medications, and tips on how to stay healthy while travelling. Our clinic is also equipped to provide TB test service and first aid supplies to travellers.

To minimize stress before your trip, we offer direct billing to most insurance providers, making the process of receiving vaccinations and other services more convenient for travellers. Additionally, we accept private insurance, making our services accessible to a broader range of travellers. As a city with many international residents and travellers, we also provide information in both metric and imperial units.

With our expert staff, convenient services, and commitment to traveller health, the Vancouver Island Travel Clinic is the go-to destination for anyone looking to stay healthy and safe while travelling and workplace. Please contact our team today to check vaccine availability, receive pre-travel medical advice, purchase travel medications, or obtain occupational health testing, employment functional evaluation service and certification.

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